Acheson Whitley Sweeney Foley is a leading British Columbia personal injury law firm with offices in Victoria and Courtenay.

We represent people who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, or by defective products.

We always represent the injured person, never the insurance company.

We are committed to the highest standards of quality, integrity and responsiveness to your needs.

Our team will make your physical and economic recovery our first priority.

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    We are a plaintiff's only personal injury law firm.

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    We have years of experience dealing with complex medical injuries with a particular focus on brain injury cases.

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    Our offices are conveniently located in
    downtown Victoria, BC.

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    Knowledge of injury impacts, careful trial preparation and experience are the keys to our success.

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    We have significant trial experience but we also help clients resolve cases through mediation and negotiation.

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    Your best interests are our priority.

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    Experienced and responsive, our team is committed to your economic and physical recovery.

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    We’re on your side.

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Latest from the Blog

  • Mar 2015

    Ormiston v. I.C.B.C

    Liability between a young cyclist and an unknown motorist was determined in the case of Ormiston v. I.C.B.C., 2012 BCSC 665; Ormiston v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, 2014 BCCA 276.


    Mr. Ormiston was cycling to high school on …

  • Mar 2015

    Raj v. Khosravi

    Raj v. Khosravi, 2015 BCCA 49, highlights a concern for individuals who represent themselves and have direct contact with an Insurance Corporation of British Columbia adjuster after a motor vehicle accident. 


    After Mr. Raj was involved in a car accident …

  • Feb 2015

    Redmond v. Krider

    In Redmond v. Krider, 2015 BCSC 178, the evidence of Dr. Alexander Levin, a psychiatric expert testifying for ICBC, was given very little weight by the Court.  In considering the admissibility of Dr. Levin’s report, the judge noted:


    [116]     Dr. Levin …

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